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History of Home Decoration – Modern

Without a doubt, the history of the home decoration is as old as the history of mankind. We can even see the proof of these efforts in the painting of the caves that belong to prehistoric mankind. Paintings are not the only material that we have as proof today. In addition to them, we know that mankind used many objects in their shelters for different purposes. You may argue that most of them were functional. However, only little knows that there are many necklaces, long ropes, and other stuff we created and kept in our shelters thousands of years ago.

As we mentioned before, this is an instinctive effort for us. We want to create the best possible environment in our living spaces so that we can feel relax. In other words, we feel at home. This is a common phrase that we often tell our guests. Please, feel at home. Because homes are the only places, we find our inner peace, relax, enjoy our time and spend time with our loved ones. This is why home decoration is an important effort that we all strive to do our best. Some habits can be literally coded in our DNA when our ancestors repeated for thousands of years and this is one of them.

We can see many examples of this effort throughout history, even before the known history. Ancient Egyptians even used to decorate their eternal rest places. In most cultures, people are buried with their belongings or their favorite stuff. In short, home decoration is one of the oldest habits of mankind which we strive to do our best for this purpose even today. So let’s discuss why this effort is important and what kind of advantages it can offer to the homeowners.

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